Reader interview for the Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair: Vesna Adaeze

As Ms. Vesna Adaeze will be at the Des Moines New Age & Psychic Fair this weekend (March 23rd & 24th) out at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the Paul r knapp learning center, we thought it would be neat to share this talk that she gave on Gypsy Magic at Des Moines New Age Shop & Community center awhile back! Enjoy!!!

*Vesna hails from Bosnia with a strong gypsy lineage. “Generations of magick, knowledge, and tools having been passed to me as such I am able to assist you in guidance and root work to your best life.

A little bit about Vesna in her own words :

I utilize Pendulums, Tarot /Oracle cards, Beans, and Runes with spiritual insight, to give you a candid view of your situation and genuine guidance for your path. I provide you an honest and straight forward picture as well as potential solutions to any dilemmas I am also well-versed in the elements of candle magic, rootwork, gypsy magic, necromancy and more which you can find under ‘services offered.’” FaceBook- Vesna Adaeze Email- Instagram- ladyv712

#gypsymagic #vesnaadaeze #bosnia #necromancy #beanreading #tarot #rootwork #hoodoo #straightforwardpsychic #psychic

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